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1 August 1400

Attending the Eurasia International Exhibition

Presence of director of Zarin Kesht Greenhouse of Fenderesk Mr. Palizi in Eurasia International Exhibition to visit the booths of Citrus and exchange information with commercial competitors

The director of the Trade Development Organization said: "Holding the first Eurasian exhibition in Iran is a good opportunity to facilitate free trade negotiations with the Eurasian Economic Union and increase the level of trade relations.

According to a Friday report IRNA Of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, Hamid counsellor's birthplace, with an emphasis on the importance of this event and hosting of Iran. added: specialized exhibition of Eurasia, etc. space for more recognition capacities, export, Iran, and member countries of the Union.

He stated that the Eurasian Economic Union, with a population of 185 million, is one of the' important trading partners of Iran, he noting that a temporary agreement was signed between Iran and Eurasia in spring of 1397, including 862 items. It implemented on November 26, 2009. We are currently working on a free trade agreement with Eurasia.

The Director of the Trade Development Organization of Iran stated: The result of the Iran-Eurasia agreement should be determined in trade relations of the private sector of Iran and member countries in order to expand the economic and trade relations.

Presence of the director of the Zarin Kesht Greenhouse of Fenderesk in Eurasia to establish trade relations with the private sector of the member countries of the Union and exchange information.

The introduction of lime, Limequat in the exhibition Eurasia

International Exhibition Eurasia



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