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The Zarin Kesht Greenhouse of Fendersk has been established by Mr. Palizi and Mr. Soleimani.

The purpose of this assemble is to produce high-quality sour lemons and seedlings in the greenhouse environment to increase production in surface and increase the quality of the products with proper maintenance, care, water consumption optimization and prevention of wastage ،of water.
Also, direct and indirect job creation and entrepreneurship are among the other achievements of this group.

Managers The Zarin Kesht Greenhouse of Fendersk Mr. Soleimani and Mr. palizi, in ceremony, the ritual of the opening of the greenhouse

Like a toddler who starts to move by creeping,

Decide to get up and then tries to sttand up.

Standing by a support, then attempt walking.

Falling down, but standing up and do not be despair.

Beginning with four hands and feet Go begins.

And finally reaching the current position

of Zarin Kesht Greenhous of Fenderesk.




Like a toddler who starts to move by creeping,l

Our goals

We always try to have your satisfaction. Our core capital is your trust

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