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Attending the Eurasia International Exhibition

Presence of director of Zarin Kesht Greenhouse of Fenderesk Mr. Palizi in Eurasia International Exhibition to visit the booths of Citrus and exchange information with commercial competitors

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Meeting with the record company logo for export

Face-to-face meeting of director of Zarrin Kesht Greenhouse of Fenderesk, Mr Palizi with the design and the registered logo company of Isfahan for export


Business meeting to export lemons

Meeting of director of Zarrin Kesht Greenhouse of Fenderesk, Mr Palizi for export of Limequat to a foreign country, held today.


101 Benefits and Amazing Properties of Sour Lemon

Lemon as a fruit, the miraculous can be considered that not only the treatment of diseases and strengthens the immune system can be, but also the aesthetic properties of the skin and hair.

Wonderful benefits and uses of lemon

Lemon undoubtedly the most desirable fruit of an evergreen tree that, in principle, found in Asia; the whole fruit, and the pulp of it. creamed., the skin, and the taste of her, for cooking, and also targets non-cooking is used.

خواص لیمو ترش

Lemon juice is often for the Lemonade, and other drinks, lime, who used to flavor and humor of his is undeniable. When discussing the nutritional value of lemon ago comes with. lemon juice blended with 6% citric acid is that it taste sour and infused with vitamin C, calcium, folate, etc., vitamin b5, b3, etc., b1, and b2, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, etc. and also sugar, carbohydrates, etc., fiber, food, fats and proteins, which is why lemon as a fruit, the miraculous can be considered the ... with Zarrin Kesht Greenhouse of Fendersk Lips to con benefits of eating lemon for skin, hair and health review.

Properties and benefits of lemon for Health, Beauty, and housekeeping

Health benefits of lemon:

1.Lemon rich in vitamin C which makes them to be effective in the treatment of colds act.

2.For the treatment of runny nose and an itchy nostril, you can the 1 cup lemon juice, preferably warm to use.

3.Lemon to revive, balance the body maintained its ground helps, so the solution is simple, every morning, a little lemon with warm water to eat.

4.Lemon as a natural diuretic, practice makes perfect and helps you water weight, lose your.

5.Also, the lemon juice helps your body of toxins and waste materials from you.

With lime teeth, your white get

6.The acidic properties of lemon, all the particles that tooth, your sticking have to remove and makes them to be brilliant pink, white does.

7.If the cough is mild, you try to mix water, hot lemon with honey, twice a day, use this mixture your throat, relieves and Cough Suppress and almost immediately decrease.

8.Lemon, nature, anti-bacteria there. the acidic properties, it does not allow bacteria and viruses for a long time, is kept alive.

9.A cup of warm water, lemon, or tea lemon throat to smooth the throat and reduce the pain and swelling of use.

The benefits of lime in the treatment of diseases

The benefits of a lemon tart for the treatment of cancer

10.Lemon has 22 combined anti-cancer is discovered .

11.Lemon rich in vitamin C, which is the effects of the opener is to constipation can help.

12.The citric acid present in lemon for kidney stones can help, and regular consumption of lemon juice will prevent the formation they can be.

13.For Dachen a healthy liver, lemon in your diet to whatever its form in mind.

14.The citric acid present in lemon increases the production of bile in the liver, the detoxification of toxins, helps the body.

15.It is proved that eating lemon water on a daily basis, systolic blood pressure, reduces.So, it's in your diet, keep up to control.

The health benefits of lime during pregnancy


The health benefits of lime for pregnant women

16.A strong scent of lemon makes in reducing nausea and vomiting during Pregnancy Be effective.

17.Lemon juice, when mixed with water to be treated very well for the treatment of acid reflux is .

18.Water Candy Lemon, eat, or even a cup of lemon helps in the treatment Gastritis Done.

19.Use the seasoning and lemon Pepper In the warheads of the knee, you can help reduce the effects Arthritis Help.

20.Lemonade made from two ounces of lemon juice in water, for patients with dialysis is recommended.

21.All forms of the lemons, but at a concentration of mild, for babies is perfect.

22.Doctors recommend that parents to their children, warm water with lemon and Honey Give cough. Diarrhea Dynamic.

23. This is a proven fact that the consumption of vitamin C can prevent a lot of problems related to vision, such as Water pearls Be.

24.Vitamin C contained in the lemon, in addition to relieve the thirst, you in breaking down alcohol in the liver can help.

25.Warm water with lemon juice is a everyday dose of amazing for the treatment of Psoriasis Is.

26.The citric acid contained in lemon juice reduces dryness and scaling can be, and anti-inflammatory properties, its reduces inflammation.

The properties of water, lime and honey


Lemon and honey is the best treatment Colds

27.Mix warm water with honey and lemon juice is one of the best home remedies for Flu Is. For best results, a little bit of pepper, and Cinnamon To mix up and add.

28. The antioxidant properties of lemon is beneficial to the heart.These chemicals free radicals destroys and so your heart healthy, keeps the.

29.One of the treatments healthy, warm water, and lemon is, every morning, rinsed off the problems Indigestion Helps prevent.

30. Lemon properties, anti-viral and anti-bacteria is.

31.Eat the lemon juice or lemonade when infections of the salivary glands you have is useful.

32.In order to get relief from diseases HeartburnEtc. to a glass of warm water four teaspoon of lemon juice to add.


Treatment of influenza With the consumption of lemon tart

33viral infection common is that usually in children under two years happen.Antiviral properties of lemon can treat to be effective.

34.A healthy treat for the treatment of asthma and lemon juice in the season of Dawn.The properties of anti-infectious lemon in Asthma treatment Excellent acts.

35.In ancient times, women to clear the bad smell of sweat from the skin of a lemon under his skin were used.The reason is that the lemon contains antibacterial properties and antifungal there. it means that bacteria creates it smell bad and are Lemon, the smell of the body, it destroys. You can also take a lemon, perfect in a bucket of water fill the bath with the use of it fresh without smelling the.

36. If the headache is terribly, you pasty from the shell the lemon on your forehead for about 30 minutes to put down.The essence of calm and freshness of ingredients lemon to eliminate the Headache Can help.


Lemon tart way for the treatment of headache

37.Get rid of elbow dark can be fast done.Lemon has properties of bleaching is that clear up the skin around the elbow can help, and also makes it soft it gets.Half lemon gently on your elbows, put, and after 15 minutes, wash.

38.Lemon desserts antifungals are. A lemon in half and use on salt in your sink. Then several minutes a day for these on the location of the damaged hair.

39.This is a proven fact that eating candy, lemon, thereby reducing the effects of thyroid problems can cause, namely, cancer Thyroidetc. Hypothyroidism Or Hyperthyroidism.

40.People with low blood pressure should be Massage Perfect body use a lemon mixed with 1/4 cup of sunflower oil have.This helps push the blood be stabilized.


Treatment of disease, blood pressure with lime

41.Your day with a blast to get started. A glass of lemon juice eat. This Cells you to neutralize and does give you a boost of instant energy can give. Lemons have compounds, called d-limonene, which is the bowel movement is supported and the body from toxins and waste can get rid of it. Lemonade, spicy from the water spring, mineral, water, lemon, fresh, maple syrup, and a little pepper to detox your body, drink.

42.Distilled water with lemon juice regularly, known for the treatment of Gastric ulcer Is.

43. Lemon juice in the treatment of edema and swelling caused by vascular abnormalities is very useful.

44. Drinking lemon juice with warm water in the morning, regular and easy bowel movement would be helpful.

45. Diets containing Lemonade is for people who have irritable bowel are. is.

46. Lemon contains potassium, calcium, etc., copper, and magnesium, which is for having strong bones are important. Daily drinking of lemon juice makes Strengthen bones Can be from within you roll makes a strong. Daily eat lemon juice an efficient method to destroy Worms Is. Lemon peel has is to brain disorders like disease Parkinson's Effective.


Amazing benefits of lemon tart

47. Daily intake of vitamin C to treat مویرگهای poor helps that the main cause of fracture, the blood vessels of the face.

48. Vitamin C contained in the lemon helps to cure scurvy can help.

49. British naval ship, and its full of lemon makes that per person, per day for at least one ounce of lemon juice, and eat.

50.The nature of the acidic lemon to treat smelly breath can help.

51.A lemon to remove it to two parts.A pinch of salt and Baking soda Stir them and the teeth and gums, your ... read more.Do your teeth have white does more.

52.Many studies have concluded that the composition of a high dose of vitamin C in the diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease can be, and hence, the chance of Stroke Less does.

53.Lemon contains antibacterial properties of coagulation, which means that it can cause, prevent Blood clots And reduce internal bleeding.


The properties of lemon tart For the health of the body

54.Lemon juice as a garnish for the health of add.

55.Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, which is the product important to prevent diseases associated with the respiratory system.

56.Lemon juice shortly bacteria, cholera, destroys.

57.Pour the lemon juice in the nostrils, a treatment and is very effective for Bleeding nose Is.

58.If regularly consumed, water, lemon in the treatment of menorrhagia and hemorrhagia effective.

59.Lemon is rich in powerful anti-viral that it is in the treatment of Hepatitis Very effective works. The habit of having to everyday eating a glass of lemon water to minimize Sunstroke Excellent.

60.Daily drinking lemonade a natural remedy for weakness and disability.

61.If the deficiency Vitamin D You. try lemon juice your every day consumption.The issue without any problems will solve.


The treatment of skin diseases with lime

62.Why go to the hairdresser you go when you get your legs in the beautiful home of?Your feet in hot water, let the muscles peaceful, and then with lemon juice بساوید.Hot water vents, your software does, and lemon juice as a moisture developer will work.

63.Lemon juice, as one of the greatest home remedies for Rheumatism Acute operates.The pain stops, swelling, and redness of the area will decrease.

64.Piece of lemon on the location of the disease Kuurne leave and close the lid to naturally be good. Trust me, it works.

65.Lemon rich in vitamin C, which is the absorption of iron as well.

66.Lemon is rich in antioxidants, is, and therefore, it is in the treatment of skin diseases, such as erythema miracle does. Lemon juice help to dissolve uric acid and other toxins does. as well as for the gall bladder is also useful. To stimulate the liver and detoxify it helps.

Benefits of lemon for skin:


The health benefits of lime for skin, face

67.To destroy Puffy eyes That is caused by lack of sleep and fatigue مغید is lemon juice with a piece of cotton little use. Wait a few minutes and then use the cold water wash.

68.Lemon rich in vitamin C, which is in the synthesis of Collagen Helps blur and bruises under the eyes you can reduce the.

69.Vitamin C found in lemons features anti-aging and to help you from the appearance of wrinkles to get rid.For the preparation of Mask, Anti-Wrinkle, A tablespoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice with a few drops of oil Almond (Sweet) mix until doughy be prepared.Then it's on for this. allow 15-20 minutes to stay and then wash it off.

70. One of the benefits of effective lemon, there are antibacterial properties.Rubbing a solution of lemon diluted on the skin can Acne Reduce.

71.Having a smooth skin is really difficult, especially when in the area around the nose, blackheads exist. The citric acid present in the water, make the skin soft and using gentle pressure, can be used to drain.


Reduces the appearance of skin with lemon, tart

72.Antiviral properties of lemon in Kill the virus causing herpes can be.So, the next time that you are looking for a treat for Herpes Return. try lemon or pulp of a lemon use.

73.Lemon is one of the ingredients used to having a glowing skin is.

74.Properties of bleaching it to reduce the lake and can help.

75.Existing dark spots in the face, caused by sun exposure or pregnancy, the consumption of lemon water are destroyed.


Lemon tart way for white skin

76.The use of lemon juice onto nails is not because it has vitamin C that makes nails healthy and strong they are. For help, having the nails, healthy nails, your in a bowl of lemon juice for 10 minutes, put it.Then they mixed in warm water and Vinegar White dipped you. And with water and see the difference.

77.Lemon juice, when with apples, honey, and turmeric, a mix, a method is really effective in the treatment of Melasma Is.

78.Malic acid contained in the raw materials, to clear the skin, can help.If you are in search of a solution to get rid of this cream is abnormal for you. from a pack for another use that can smudge on your skin will clear up.

Here is how to prepare this mask there is:

For this, you need to whites Eggs And one teaspoon of lemon will.Little Peanut, for a night at the milk put .The morning their do and crush the pasty to be.Then all the ingredients together and mix.Mix the punched share for 20 minutes to dry. Then rinse with water.

79.If the heat scorching your skin dark said. it is time that you Magic Lemon to experience. Gulab And lemon juice twice a day to eliminate the darkening their use.


Eliminate the darkening of the skin with lemon, tart

80.Vitamin C and ascorbic acid contained in the lemon in the reconstruction of the effective collagen, which helps to turn to the bright spots and pimples can help.

81.Lemon juice in place of the damaged box and make it a night to hold.This work is in the treatment of eczema can help.

82.The citric acid found in lemons as the best agent to smooth the skin and fill all the niche visible is useful. Just be sure to lemon juice diluted.

83.Mineral-rich peeling fresh lemon juice in the removal of dead skin, amazing acts and, consequently, eliminate acne cysts can help. Fresh lemon juice to the affected area and then call it after 10 minutes with cold water wash.

84.To eliminate dark spots, etc. can lemon juice on a cotton screen and put it on the affected skin and rub.This work of dark spots on skin.

85.Vitamin c contained in lemon juice to neutralize free radicals that cause aging and disease are can help.

86.The properties of natural moisture, updates, lemon juice, along with the effect of anti-microbial for clearing skin is amazing.


Lemon sour helpful therapy to heal skin damaged

87.For having the best results. lemon juice directly on the affected skin, then tap it with a cold water wash.

88.Lemon is the best treatment Oily skin Is.A little egg, honey and Strawberry With the lemon mixture on your skin and rub.Then it up a skin without oil and brilliant mind.

89.The properties of anti-infectious, lemon, kill germs, and germs in the wound can help.

90.You can use lemon to get rid of dry, non natural skin use.

A teaspoon of vegetable oil and 1/4 teaspoon lemon juice mix.This mix all dry areas of the body like hands, elbows, heels and other parts of your body stir.Allow 10-15 minutes to stay and then rinse with water.

91.Try This dough lemon for having smooth skin use.

Banana Reached, and a few drops of lemon juice in a bowl, blend until a paste will be developed.This dough out onto punched a comment and let dry.After washing the punched skin smooth and soft, you'll.


Skin Beauty With Benefits of lemon tart

92.Lemon is also known as bleaching natural works.

Two tablespoons of lemon juice, two tablespoons of Tomato And two tablespoons of milk in a bowl, mix.The mixture on your face and body rub.This mix as bleach natural works.

93. Use lemon juice to get skin healthy and happy

Four tablespoons of Yogurt And three teaspoons of lemon juice, mix well.Then, a teaspoon of oil, grains (any kind) add. Mix this with the little kicks to your skin, apply.Allow 10-15 minutes to stay, and day

To obtain ... read naturally, you need to water, lemon, a teaspoon of Glycerin And a cup of milk you have.The material mix and the body and face your comment.Let the 25 to 30 minutes stay and then wash it off.The best time to use this mixture before going to bed.To get the best results, every night for a week to do. This work also for pimples and scars also works, as well as dry and Sunburn You destroys.


Treat sunburn with lime

Benefits of lemon for hair:

94.Anti-fungal properties, lemon Dandruff Destroys.

95.Lemon cover gray hair creating soft light can help.Your hair with lemon juice wash.

96.A few drops of lemon juice with water آملا mix and every night before bed. this mixture consumption.This work not only Hair loss It stops, but also prevents the White of premature hair also can be.


Benefits of lemon for hair

97.The lemon in the treatment of Itchy skin Head is useful because the PH level of the scalp balanced lives. consequently, reduces excess sebum to be the main factor producing dandruff are.

98.Lemon juice is also due to the nature of the acid in killing lice are very effective.Mix vinegar, egg, and garlic use with the problems related to Lice Upload say goodbye to.

99.Lemon as a softener is great for dry, damaged acts.Lemon juice with 3/4 cup Olive oil 1/2 cup honey and mix it on your hair, check.Let's half an hour to an hour stay, and then rinse and shampoo gentle wash to use.

100.Lemon also has properties to stop hair loss. Follow the steps below for correct use lemon juice on your hair follow. 3-4 tbsp Coconut oil And the water half a lemon and mix on the hair once a week use. Do this 2-3 weeks to do.

101. Other uses of lemon :

کاربردهای لیمو ترش

Applications of lime in the kitchen

  • Lemon contains d-limonene is that the effects of anticoagulants on the Coke shows.
  • Lemon juice concentrated, as an agent of anti-coagulation on the flea acts.
  • A spray bottle for spraying lemon juice on all the infected areas to use.
  • The cleaning power of a strong, lemon juice in clear spots, tables, etc., chair or any furniture is a great help.
  • Because of that, Lemon is anti-microbial properties there. lemon juice can be used as a preservative to increase the storage time Food Used.
  • Sometimes greasy spots on the stove, or on a desk, or perhaps the dining table, there are that remove the stains, very hard.This problem can be solved by the use of lemon kill him.Lemon checkbox, and it's half the. A little salt on half a lemon, sprinkle it on the greasy spots and rub. Then with a clean cloth wipe.Cutting boards are often ignored, and a lot of bacteria on them grow.

 لیمو ترش در خانه داری

Magic Lemon Tart in housekeeping

  • You can get a lemon for fresh off the cutting board use.Half lemon take it on board, rub, and then we rinse with water.
  • Sometimes, when eating fruits, the color of the fruit on your gallery. Because lemon is a bleaching natural. can these stains will completely kill them.Half a lemon to remove it on the stain along with baking soda and rub until the stain disappears.
  • A little lemon juice on a soft cloth and pour your shoes with it, and delete. Lemon water shoes to make you shiny and territory also clears.
  • Sink, dishwasher and pot with water sediments and other deposits on them dirty they are.Of lemon juice to get rid of them to use.To clean these items, etc. of lemon juice on the spots needed to use. After a while, rinse with fabric on them, pull up, stains are clean.

کاربردهای لیمو ترش

Applications lemon sour at home

  • Sometimes the explosion and cumshot, food, causing malfunction, and dirt in the oven, and gas and microwave ovens can be you can use the skin of a lemon to get rid of this dirt use. For this water and lemon in a bowl in the microwave, put a comment. Let five to six minutes boil. Let the steam of boiling water, and eat the microwave to fill your life. Vapor compression will help, food, messy are soft. Then the bowl to remove microwave, make use of a towel, delete.
  • From stripper or a knife to use to skin, lemon to shed in beverages and Cocktail Use. This skin is in a packaging container or bag, the pack in the refrigerator for storage.

Source: Website moistened


Refresh with sour lemon…

Lemon and all this property!!!

Strengthen your body's immune system is to help the process of digestion, the source of the supernatural, potassium, etc., clearing a safety device on the body, but cooling of the mouth, eliminate spots on the skin, help in weight loss, reducing inflammation. energy bars being, etc. help to leave as soon as possible, caffeine, reducing viral infections and... this is a small part of the properties is unparalleled, this fruit is small.

Lemon, lime and water, this fruit for the treatment of many diseases used. For this reason, and the properties of the supernatural to it. in this article to express the properties of lime'll pay. With BZarrin Kesht Greenhouse of Fendersk Stay tuned.

۱.Strengthen your body's immune system

Intake of vitamin C is like a car without electricity, your battery to the battery to see! Lemon juice is rich in this vitamin. When distressed you, one of the first things in your body decreases the amount of vitamin C available safety device in your body and ... that is why professionals recommend in the days of the stressful vitamin C, the more we consume.

۲. The source of the supernatural potassium

As I mentioned earlier, lemon tart, rich in potassium, which is to the health of the heart, brain function, and nervous system of the body is useful.

۳. Help the digestion process

Lemon juice not only makes the process of digestion better and is, but the toxins your digestive thins causing the disappearance of the symptoms of indigestion, such as heartburn, abdominal, etc. burp, and the bloating is.

۴. Clearing your body's immune system

Lemon juice with the increase in the performance of enzymes and stimulates the liver to excrete toxins from the body will help.

۵. Cool oral sex

Lemon juice, tooth pain and gingivitis destroys. Since the citric acid contained in lemon juice can be the tooth enamel, destroy, etc., immediately after eating it, brushing, do not touch or drink before do this.

۶. Eliminate spots on the skin

available in lemon juice not only stains the skin, destroys and adolescents, but in you from the evil skin is also clean it. You can even from the lemon juice used, and the wounds on your skin, partly vanish. Lemon juice, the blood of toxins, clearing and refreshing and clear your skin preserves.

۷. Help to lose weight

Lemon contains the fiber pectin, and to control cravings when you eat will help.

۸. Reduce inflammation

If you regularly lemon juice, consume you. the acidity of your body will be reduced and the incidence of some disorders will prevent. Lemon juice available in the joints destroys; too acidic, which is one of the main factors of inflammation in the area of the joints.

۹. Energy bars being

Enter into the lemon juice into the digestive tract, etc. full of energy you will have. Lemon juice anxiety and depression destroys, even lemon scent is sour a relaxing it is.

۱۰. Help to leave as soon as possible, caffeine

This item will believe I did not, until that I tried. Only it is enough, instead of head, morning coffee, eat, water, lemon, consumption, see how the miracle will! Feel comfortable & want help and other it fatigue, bad time in the afternoon to you, will not come. Your nervous system to keep drinking lemon juice, thank you, will!

۱۱. Reduction of viral infections

hot the most effective way to reduce viral infections and along with it. If mind you, we said lemon juice, your body's immune system strengthens, and this study, the root will.

A day, how much should the lemon tart taking it?

For people who are less than 68 kg weight on. half a fresh lemon suffice it. It's in a glass of water and called John to see. If more than 68 kg weight, you other lemon take the time consumption. Of course, everything to personalization depends on you, and you can water your lemon you.

The properties of lemon juice, and drink it. one of the simplest for health. Then drink it from the same start today.


The introduction of the investment plan, Limequat

Lime quat., the scientific name of a fruit is a hybrid, make sure that the transplant Mexican Lyme and palate quat, etc. has been of the products of the tropical and subtropical regions can be.

This product is now in Australia, Japan, Israel, Spain, Malaysia, South Africa, America, and England are cultivated.

Suitable temperature for the growth of the ideal of this product 10-30degrees Celsius.Though, that sometimes 45 degrees Celsius, it can also be tolerate.

The fruit of this tree is very small with an average diameter 3-4 cm and shrubs, it is very fruitful, and 2 km grow.

Any tree of the species citrus in the greenhouse in the right circumstances can an annual 70 pounds a year, have.

Lime quats like com quats compared to the cold-resistant and, like Mexican limes of the high percentage of acidity, enjoy.

Lemon Lime quat rich in vitamin C., the minerals, and also chemical compounds are useful.

Taking the lemon can even be more than the fruits in the reduction of blood cholesterol and improve your immune system will be useful.

The consumption of lemon Lyme quat cause the absorption of iron and improves disease, anemia, and also at the time of colds, soothe sore throat and systems, the respiratory system can be.

Calories, this product is very low in the diet is used.

Since that citrus fruits, especially lemon sour fiercely towards the cold is sensitive, so the cultivation of greenhouse this product is popular would be.

The financial benefits of the cultivation of greenhouse Lime quat

In greenhouse cultivation at least twice a year, and lemon, to be picked up when compared with other citrus fruits, the performance is very high.

Meanwhile, due to the high nutritional value and there is demand, foreign and domestic market, the sale of this product is impressive.


Conventional methods of cultivation in outdoor from planting to harvest, based on favorable being the ambient conditions are.

Now, that with the creation of the greenhouse and intensive exploitation and the use of new techniques, etc. farmers that lands with a limited amount of water they have at their disposal to be able to earn enough will, namely, by increasing the performance at the unit level, interests, sufficient income, they will be.

In the event that we produce out of season, also have by employing the methods of environmental factors for the proper growth of the plant, such as temperature, relative humidity and light under the control of the mind.

in greenhouse per thousand square meters, one hundred seedlings of lemon cultivation, which is the maximum after three years to arrive.

Of course, in the first and second years are also fruiting ordinary there.From each tree 15 kg lemon harvest will be.

This amount in the third and the fourth year to 20 kg, and in the fifth year also, until 30 kg, it seems, and this indicates to the cost of planting the crop.

Other benefits of greenhouse production, creating proper job opportunities for the youth and graduates in agriculture, as well as the use of the villagers of leisure in the seasons of autumn and winter.

Greenhouse cultivation of limes, in addition to increasing crop production per unit area and harvest it in the off-season could be in the near future we will import the lemon in need of help.

For the realization of an idea into a successful business, it should be of different dimensions, such as, the market, economic conditions, investments, and infrastructure, and... examined

If you wish to start this plan, you can for a consultation with agentsZarrin Kesht Greenhouse of Fendersk with the numbers listed on the site please contact us.


Best option for investment

If you are looking for a great way, and lucrative for the investment you are read it to the end to read and decide.

Agriculture and horticulture are always jobs that exciting, and the morale of the Department have been, and are, etc., a job that is in it, in addition to being your person in case of correct use, and the principles of the facilities and conditions, and providing the environment based on the principles and use of consultants certified in the field, working his can to benefit the upper hand not found in addition to convenience for several people directly and a large number indirectly create jobs and income works.

Other with the use of old techniques and low-yielding the possibility of success and competition in agriculture does not exist. The main objective increase production per unit area and in a word, increasing yields. One method to increase the production per unit area on bringing into the greenhouse, and the transfer of culture of open space to greenhouses can be. Culture Greenhouse There are many advantages that are here to introduce some of them.

With Zarrin Kesht Greenhouse of Fendersk Stay tuned

Increased production per unit area

Cultivated in the controlled space of the greenhouse to the suitability of the environmental conditions, on average, up to 10 times greater yields per unit area compared to the cultivation in the open space will be. Also Produce more than one product in years

Increase the quality of the product manufactured

In greenhouse cultivation, due to monitor and control the exact pests and diseases, particularly the use of methods to control biological and reduce extreme intake of toxins, chemicals, witnessed an increase in the quality of the product manufactured, we'll be the same problem caused the market friendly product and increase export capability will be. In the result, along with maintaining the soil and the environment, exchange the good there will be.

Dramatic reduction in water consumption

In the cultivation of greenhouse due to the closing of the environment, waste water of different ways of the water . . . The decline much has also used the methods of mechanized irrigation, like canvas, irrigation, Inc. bar, watering, and . . . Water consumption will be minimal.

The lack of dependence of production to environmental conditions

Features a closed environment Greenhouses The possibility to control the environmental conditions for the proper growth of the plant, regardless of the climatic changes, the space is open. So, the possibility of marketing, fit, and tuning app cultivation in accordance with the needs of the market, we will.

The production of the product in all the seasons of the year

Due to the possibility of controlling the environmental factors and adjusted the conditions required plant the production of the product in all the seasons will be possible.

 Create job opportunities suitable for young

Unfortunately, high levels of unemployment among graduates in the agriculture ballast. On bringing to The cultivation of greenhouse Cause the application of this knowledge, graduates will be also of leisure farmers in the season of autumn and winter use, the right to act comes.


To get advice for greenhouse construction limes Lime quat and use the experiences of agents greenhouse Zarrin Kesht Greenhouse of Fendersk In this context, with the numbers listed on the site please contact.

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