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Seedlings of two years Limequat

50,000 USD

The age of seedlings: 2 years

Growth stage: fruit on the tree



Biennial seedlings with fruit on the tow and ready for consumption.

The Zarin Kesht greenhouse of Fendersk is ready to sell the high-quality seedlings to you dears in all parts of the country, with the most up-to-date equipment and by performing basic and standardized methods of seedling cultivation..

 Seedlings of Limequat sour lemon is produced, , in Zarin Kesht greenhouse of Fendersk under the supervision of specialized and experienced workforces then reaches the stage of flowering and fruiting, and is ready to be presented to dear gardeners and farmers with excellent rooting and first-class quality.

in order to buy Lime Quat sour lemon seedlings or buy in large numbers of seedlings at lower price than actual you can get more information. Please contact us through the numbers mentioned on the site . . .

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The age of seedlings


Growth stage

Fruit on tree


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